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Feel free to toss criticism my way, I don't sue.

I don't mind if you fave-and-run, but a comment would be nice. :3



  • Listening to: Catch My Breath - capsule
  • Playing: Ratchet and Clank (PS2)

1) *First-time-artist - :bulletwhite: Witch doctor Transit + one of my characters!
2) *BlackCat79779 :bulletwhite: -ref was requested to be private-
3) pIagued - :bulletwhite: Emu…
4) Yunicka - :bulletwhite: Yunika…
5) --
6) *Hyacinthley - :bulletwhite: Brocas………
7) --
8) --
9) *WatermelonOwl :bulletred: Broken… and Kaigun… fighting.
10) Platinum-Galaxy :bulletyellow: Joe…

1) Dream-Beam Eventually. Will start after requests are done.

Stuff I Owe People
(Lemee know if you need to be here)
:bulletred: Alex (Fully colored)…
:bulletwhite: Nyx (Fully colored)…
:bulletwhite: connected icons of Zili… and Shadra…

:bulletwhite: Sketch for winning contest. (need ref)

:bulletwhite: Sketch for winning contest. (need ref)

:bulletwhite: Fully completed drawing for winning contest. (need ref)
:bulletwhite: Sketch for winning contest. (need ref)

:bulletwhite: - Haven't started.
:bulletred: - Drawing...
:bulletyellow: - Coloring...
:bulletgreen: - Done!

I hope I get to draw some cool stuff!
Tearany :damphyr:


XxSummer-SolsticexX has started a donation pool!
1,008 / 2,396
25 points gets you a cute little icon like mine of a character of your choice!
(Rules in my commission info still apply.)

I'm not making icons anymore. They're not as fun to make as they used to be. I do plan on uploading a base for you to make your own when my list is finished, but PLEASE do not commission me for these anymore for the time being.

You can use these little icons wherever you want: DA, other sites, MSN smileys, silent admiration, whatever. I don't require credit, but it would be nice. :3
My only real rule is that you don't claim you made them.

2) :bulletpurple:Lightning-Dream…
3) :bulletpurple:DraconemIgnis……
4) :bulletpurple:Mephilez…

Just an FYI, if you are buying an icon, I will upload it to my Photobucket account for you to right-click+save to your own computer. I don't trust that other people on DA won't use them.

Also, what I do is finish off the list and hand them all out at once, so don't be upset/worried if I don't hand it in right when I get done.

This ---> :bulletpurple: means you paid.
This ---> "1/3" means you commissioned three and I have one done. (just as an example.)
This ---> is a link to the ref you gave me.
This ---> XxSummer-SolsticexX means I'm done.


Basically I want points so I can get a subscription, and commission my favourite artists.

You must be logged in to donate.


Artist | Student | Digital Art


Hello! I'm Tearany, and welcome to my little slice of the Internet!
I draw and stuff, and here's where I share some of the slightly more sane and family friendly pickings of my brain.

I'm a character designer and animator (surprising from my lack of animations in my gallery) and fanartist, I guess. I'm currently in college in an animation program. I work hard on my art, but I'm still learning. C:

I speak English. I write in long sentences and often use really flamboyant and extravagant words, so I'm really sorry if you natively speak a different language.

Online, I'm this rainbow barfing sweetheart who's nice to everyone. I hope that I am not the person you feel nervous to talk to. I'm super awkward and derpy and I might annoy you, and I'm sorry in advance, but I mean no harm. C:

Other than that, ask me anything that isn't personal~ Feel free to ask how I paint, if commissions are open, how I draw such-a-thing, don't be afraid to chat me up, I always read my comments! Always happy to share my resources!

I'm kinda bad at replying to my messages, especially if it's more than a "Wow, I love your art!" or something. Even if I don't reply right away, rest assured that I've read it!

And, that's it. Enjoy!


I make teams with my bros from real life!



"Aspire to inspire before you expire."



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8...8... ICE CLIMBERS.
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Enough of these games, potion seller. I'm going into battle, and I need your strongest potions.
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H E  W I L L  C O N S U M E  A L L
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omg summer xD. do u remebr me? ;3
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